Altona, a member of the Civil Contractors Federation, and with over forty five years’ experience in Perth’s inconsistent ground conditions, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the civil contracting industry.

Altona works either in the role of Head Contractor or Subcontractor as required for each project. The Altona team is highly regarded for its ability to undertake deep sewer works in difficult ground conditions and to be able to complete projects efficiently and in accordance with Water Corporation standards.

Our Civil contracting team works closely with our Commercial division as hydraulics subcontractor on large scale and complex projects undertaking the in-ground works such as the installation of stormwater retention systems, subsoil drainage systems, sewer installation and stormwater drainage. The Civil team has excellent resources available including qualified plumbers, drainers and competent machine operators. We are also self-sufficient – able to utilise Altona’s own plant and equipment including excavators, vacuum truck, water truck, wheel loaders, skid steers, trench shoring and de-watering systems. This vast wealth of people and specialist equipment makes us well equipped to handle all aspects of civil works.

We are also licensed to transport CLASS III & IV Controlled Waste and can offer this as an additional service, if required.

We are proud to have successfully completed the following projects:

For more information about these projects please see our Projects page or contact us for a quote.