Altona Plumbing and Civil is committed to its goal to provide an injury free, healthy and enjoyable workplace and to the continual improvement of our HSEQ management systems. In pursuit of these goals, Altona Plumbing and Civil provides the following to its employees:

  • Information
  • Instruction
  • Training
  • Resources
  • Supervision/ Leadership

In addition to Altona Plumbing and Civils’ safety responsibilities, all employees are aware that they have a responsibility not only for their own safety but also for the safety of others.  A copy of our Occupational Health Safety and Environment Policy and Quality Assurance Policy are provided to every employee as part of their ‘New Employee Start up Pack’.

We have a sound safety record, recording only one LTI in the last four years.  We have achieved this through maintaining employee safety awareness and training and through the implementation of company policies, procedures and quality control systems.

Each project is provided with a project specific Health Safety Environmental and Quality Plan (HSEQP) and a separate Quality Assurance Report (QAR). The HSEQP and QAR contain plans, specifications, ITPs, methodologies, policies and procedures, works method statements, risk assessments, material data sheets and registers that are to be utilised on site throughout the project.  Each site supervisor is also provided with an iPad that links to the company server and allows them to check that they are using the most up to date project information.  The iPad also allows employees to complete forms, such as toolbox talks, issue reports and commissioning records, quickly and effectively.  Photos, forms and data can easily be saved in electronic format on to the server immediately.

Our Safety Committee meet monthly to discuss current safety topics, review training requirements, discuss safety related issues or incidents and to review nominations for the B-Safe Award.  B-Safe Award nominations and Safety Committee recommendations are then put forward to the Operations Team and the Board for review and implementation, as appropriate.

Altona’s onsite record keeping and streamlined processes ensure compliance with all regulatory bodies including Australian Tax Office, Plumbing Licensing Board, the Office of Energy and Australian Securities and Investment Commission.  Each project is allocated a unique number and entered onto a project register. Upon completion of a project documents are archived, as minimum standard, in accordance with legislative requirements. Our employees understand that the success of Altona Plumbing and Civil depends on the willingness of all concerned to work collectively as a team to provide a healthy, safe, environmentally-friendly and quality service.

Please click on the following link to view our full Occupational Health Safety and Environmental (OHS&E) Policy and Quality Assurance (QA) Policy.